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REMARKable Company

Who We Are
Established in 1998, Remark Staffing Specialists is a client-focused firm that provides superior recruitment services for permanent technical placement. Our mission is to offer highly personalized and effective services to industry-leading clients, providing them with the talent necessary to uniquely shape their technology areas and further their competitive advantage. We are dedicated to the highest level of integrity throughout the entire search process. Aiming to build solid long-term relationships, we take great pride in the fact that our recruitment services have enabled some of the area's most successful enterprises to fill critical, time-sensitive positions.

Here's some of what I've done:
  • Recruited highly-respected Mobile Visionary for the leading emotion-based artificial intelligence technology company in the world.
  • Recruited the founding CTO/VP Engineering and first Java Developer for a company considered the "LinkedIn" for the military.
  • Recruited and grew the QA function and several Principal and Senior Engineers for Sermo, the #1 social network for registered physicians in the U.S.
  • Recruited various early senior software engineers for one of the most highly successful marketing companies in the country.
  • Recruited Ruby on Rails Developers for a premiere EdTech Boston company.
  • Recruited several full stack software engineers, DevOps and UI professionals for one of Boston's "coolest companies" in the strategic consulting and technology space.
  • Recruited many Software Engineers, Mobile Developers and Web Designers for the top consumer web travel company.
Who We Serve
Remark's client base spans entrepreneurial, emerging start-ups and large, high-profile industry leaders.

Recruiting Areas:
  • Software Developers
  • Software Engineers
  • Web Developers & Designers
  • Technology Sales
  • Software Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Professional Services
Our Professional Network
We have established an expansive and growing network of business partners. As a result, Remark Staffing Specialists can cast the widest net possible to bring high quality, talented professionals to its clients.

About Judy Kramer
Judy Kramer founded Remark Staffing Specialists in 1998. A highly successful Technical Recruiter with more than 25 years of recruiting experience, Judy brings a unique perspective to both clients and candidates. Judy holds both a B.A. and an M.Ed.

" Judy's passion about her work centers on career choices that propels both the individual and organization to greater successes. Tenacious and charming at every step, she works until a position isn't just filled, but filled with someone wonderful.

Her long record of success gives heavy weight to her sage counsel during the search, while her lively sense of humor and love of life makes her delightful and engaging."

Jason Gasdick

REMARKable Job Seekers

Remark Staffing Specialists will provide guidance, preparation and other assistance you may need to ensure your next career move is an enjoyable, positive experience and the right step in advancing your career.

Although you as a candidate never pay us a fee, we do make two very important commitments to you:
  1. First, be assured that your resume is held with the strictest level of confidentiality and will not be sent without your permission. Before sending your resume to a potential employer, we will contact you, describe the open position and give you as much information as we have available. If you decide that you might have an interest in the position we are working to fill and the company seeking to fill it, then, only if you approve, we will send your resume to our client. We will work with you throughout the search process and will always be available to you. If you work with other search firms, we highly encourage you to get a similar commitment.
  1. Second, we only work with professionals and promise to treat you as one. This involves returning your calls as promptly as possible, and being as candid with you as possible during the hiring process. Ultimately, it won't help our client and it won't be helpful to you if we are less than forthcoming about the position we are filling and your ability to fill it.

  • Job opportunities you'll actually like.
  • I will provide information about and access to the best-positioned software start-ups or established software engineering teams that will make a positive impact on your professional life.
  • Advice that doesn't sound like it stopped being relevant in the 80s.
  • I can provide access to the best-positioned software start-ups or established software engineering teams that will make a positive impact on your happiness.
  • I can introduce you to an expansive network of business colleagues to help you cast the widest net possible during your job search.
  • I have helped to relocate to the Greater Boston area, software engineers from CA, WA, NY, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, CT, Michigan (and others) and several European countries.
  • Many of my software development candidates have gone on to run the most well-known development teams in industry, exiting multiple times from IPO's or successful acquisitions.

The positions listed under Jobs are opportunities which we currently have available with various clients throughout the Greater Boston area.

Whether you are interested in being considered for a specific job or whether you'd like to hear about the job market, passively explore career opportunities or simply introduce yourself to us, please submit your resume to Judy@RemarkStaffing.com

Remark Staffing Specialists looks forward to assisting you!